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Home Inspection and Service

  • 30 minutes
  • Book a Consultation

Service Description

During our free initial inspection, our green pro and service pro certified technicians, will inspect and monitor the locations for signs of pest activity. They will also look for pest conducive conditions to identify target Pest. Target pest is the pest problem you, the customer is currently dealing with. Controlling the target Pest is the highest priority for our service specialist performing the first service. Standard pest control service will be added on a reoccurring basis because one time treatments do not control the entire lifecycle (eggs, larvae, adult, etc.) of a Pest. Therefore increasing the probability that the customer will experience recurrence of the pest problem. Pest covered by a standard pest control services for a residential customers are: - German cockroaches - Oriental cockroaches - American cockroaches - Smoky brown cockroaches - Millipedes - Spiders - Scorpions - Rodents (mice and rats) - Silverfish - Earwigs - Crickets - Centipedes - Wasps

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